The big shift in the world of courts

The big shift in the world of courts

Changes are ensuing in justice systems at an unprecedented speed in order to adapt to the new reality of today's digitally connected world. The result is that judicial authorities (conciliation and arbitration authorities, justices of the peace, public prosecutors’ offices, the courts) are embracing change to increase their efficiency, modernize their operations and provide easier, multi-channel access to justice.

Over the past several decades, growing case volumes and costs, coupled with tightening resource constraints, have prompted courts to seek out cost-saving and efficiency-enhancing technologies that facilitate the administration of justice. With spending cuts continuing to hit court systems globally, sales of court real estate are trending upwards. The tendency to optimize costs by maintaining a smaller number of central hubs with more courtrooms, necessarily implies greater travel and logistics costs for court staff, judges, police and other agencies, and parties.

Courts across the globe are adapting to a hybrid approach to provide better access to justice. In most countries of the world, the judiciary is under increasing pressure to reform: on the one hand, workloads, the complex issues being dealt with, and procedural requirements are all increasing, while on the other, scarcely any additional resources are available to cope with the problem. The result is that judicial authorities (conciliation and arbitration authorities, justices of the peace, public prosecutors’ offices, the courts) are forced to increase their efficiency.

Cloud Ecosystem Designed for Justice

Justice Cloud on Azure offers a singular, unified interface and dashboard from which judges and court staff can manage operations and access all information. Azure Communication Services & Microsoft Teams become the central operating layer that connects the court digitally.

Solutions for Judges, Court Admins, Attorneys, Public & Law Enforcement

Azure Communication Services, Teams, Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and Azure Cloud offer endless possibilities for courts and justice systems to modernize their operations holistically. From Case Management, Digital Hearings, Dashboards, Public Portals, to Mobile Courtrooms – the centerpiece of every courtroom is “user experience” and a continuum of justice across touchpoints for each user persona/role.

Digital Courts

With court hearings evolving into hybrid scenarios, it is important to identify gaps in the hearing experience that today’s technology can bridge. While virtual court proceedings may seem straightforward –the basis of it being a reliant audio/video conferencing platform– there is a lot more to it that needs to be addressed; developing an experience that allows courts to simulate a physical case hearing without the hassles of paperwork and limited human intervention to truly drive efficiency and better serve justice.

Strategic Storage

Public safety agencies are bound by strict policies regarding the storage, management, and retention of data - including criminal records, crime reports, video and interview recordings, correctional audio, and cameras. Using Azure, we can enable the storage, management, cataloging, and retrieval of important data to ensure that digital evidence is safely managed in a cost-effective manner.

Advanced Analytics

Analyzing vast amounts of court data can prove to be tedious and time-consuming. Our machine learning systems from Azure provide critical data analytics to derive actionable insights and intelligible data. Azure enables any text, images, PDFs, audio and video files to be indexed, searched, and analyzed through our natural language processing, speed-to-text transcription, and translation services.

Data Integration

Cloud data integration allows agencies to aggregate datasets in a single data lake, improving search processes, retrieval functions, and reporting processes. These data lakes integrate disparate datasets into a single repository, thereby yielding new insights, optimizing analyses, offering seamless access to data.

Application Development & Migration

Azure allows agencies to shift their existing, on-site applications to leverage the scalability and availability of their cloud. This allows agencies to migrate their existing dispatch, records management, evidence management, ERP, and database solutions to this innovative, cloud-based platform.

Security & Compliance

As we value privacy and data security, our customers are afforded ownership and control of their content. Our partners deliver simple, yet powerful designs on Azure Cloud that allow customers to determine where their user-content will be stored, how resources are accessed, and to secure content in transit or at-rest. Azure GCC (US) is available for governments, organizations operating in government-regulated industries, and private entities that meet the Azure GCC (US) requirements.

Gov Tech Public Safety Solutions by Partners

At Tech Unicorn, we develop and deliver comprehensive digital court solutions that can be combined with Azure storage and data lake capabilities for true enterprise optimization.

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